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The Chateau Property and Superlatives in Slovakia:

• The highest place: Gerlach peak, 2,655 m above sea level
• The lowest place: surface of the river Bodrog, 95 m above sea level
• The oldest glacial cave in Europe: Dobsinska glacial cave
• The highest church tower: Spisska Nova Ves, 87 m
• The largest of the 170 castles and chateaux: Spis castle
• The plant protected for the longest time: edelweiss
• The longest Slovak river: The Vah (403 km)
• The highest village: Strbske Pleso, 1,355 m above sea level
• The largest nature reservation: National park of the Low Tatras, 81 000 hectares
• The first printed book: Latin textbook by Lucas Fabinus, 1573 in Presov
• The biggest wooden altar in the world: height l8,bm and width 6,3m - Levoca , St.Jacob’s church
• The oldest continuously working enterprise: The state mint in Kremnica, founded in 1328

Cultural monuments from Slovakia

• The castle of Spis - a national cultural monument, the biggest medieval castle in central Europe (12th Century)
• Zehra - a village with an early gothic church of the Holy Ghost
• Vlkolinec - a reservation of folk architecture, an under-mountain village situated in the beautiful surroundings in the foothills of the Velka Fatra (718 m above sea level).

About Slovakia

Capital city - Bratislava - 620,000 inhabitants approx.
Language - The official language is Slovak. Although Hungarian, Ruthenian, German and Ukranian are spoken by ethnic minorities.
Landscape - Mountainous terrain, Forests, Beautiful Valleys and Hills.
Attractions - 5 National Parks of outstanding natural beauty. The River Danube. Thermal Springs. Lakes. 12 Show Caves. Wooden Churches and Architectural wonders.
Wildlife - Due to it's mountanous and it's heavy forestation, Slovakia is home to an abundance of wildlife. Including, Red Deer, Wild Boar, The very rare Wolf and Lynx, Foxes, Weazles, Muskrats and other small mammals.
Weather - Winters are typically cold and dry, while summers tend to be hot and humid. The average daily temperature range in Bratislava is -3° to 2° C (27° to 36° F) in January and 16° to 26° C (61° to 79° F) in July; temperatures tend to be cooler in the mountains. Bratislava receives an average of about 650 mm (about 26 in) of precipitation annually. In areas of high altitude, snow is often present for as many as 130 days each year.
Get Slovakia weather information by clicking on this link:
http://www.weatheronline.co.uk/Slovakia.htm , to get weather details for the Kosice region, just simple click on “Kosice” on the right hand side of the map. To see the average temperature for the entire year, please click on “Climate”.

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